Wednesday, November 21, 2018

12 Christmas Presents For Someone That You'll Never Ever EVER Bone

For friends who are close enough to give each other presents but not close enough to kiss. McDonald's Gift Card - $$$ ...

The 37 Punniest Tweets Of 2015

“Welcome to Sexual Innuendo Club. Thank you all for coming.” ...

I Cleaned My Ass With A Bidet And This Is What Happened

Not that I needed to, because girls don’t poop or anything. Perhaps you've heard of the bidet, a sink-type fixture (or sometimes...

13 Worst Things About Working In An Office

For anyone who has business colleagues. The huge origami assignments that don't include any instructions. David Woolley /...

This Is What A Partridge Looks Like, Just So You Know

In case you ever need to spot one in an actual pear tree. It's that time of year again, when you sing...

Send This To The Person Who Gives Bad Gifts

And really get your point across. Moodboard / Getty Images Wavebreakmedia...

22 Wrong-Number Texts That Are Equal Parts Horrifying And Hilarious

Who dis? This person who got sent a picture of a man passed out in his underwear in a hallway: ...

23 Taylor Swift Deleted Tweets That Prove She's Actually Pretty Funny

Taylor Swift deleted all her tweets, so I went looking for them — and I found out she’s actually kinda funny. Go figure. ...

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