Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Your summer superfood: Treat sunburn & acne, improve gastro immune system with yogurt

NEW DELHI: Yogurt, the versatile dairy product, is filled with nutrition and is equally useful for skin and hair. Treat sunburns, acne and...

Woman shares spots after breaking up with acne-shaming boyfriend

A young woman with acne so bad she likened it to a having a "beard of spots" has finally beat her skin issues,...

Kourtney Kardashian Uses an Oxygenetix Foundation for Acne Breakouts

Minimal makeup may not seem like a Kardashian mantra, but for

How a dermatologist found fame by popping pimples on Instagram

Though the vast majority of people have stood in front of a mirror, trying their best to finagle the head of a zit...

Dr. Pimple Popper’s New Body Acne Line Is Here, So You Can Avoid Actually...

You know those videos that show all the big, gnarly zits being popped? Well, there's now a foolproof way to not end up...

Does alcohol cause acne? | Health24

Currently only limited research exists on the relationship between alcohol and...

Skincare During Your Period Will Be So Much Easier With These 5 Expert Tips

Oh, period acne — thou art such a consistent torment. While some may be genetically #blessed in this regard, if you have a...

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